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Present and graduates of this course are invited to comment

How is/was it?Was it hard?Any advice to prospective students?

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  1. fariah
    March 6, 2010 at 3:48 pm

    Fashion design course gaining more popularity sure, but before becoming a designer from any
    Institutions around the Island, students must be aware that fashion is named as the Glamorous world that spits glitter, that’s a reality but behind this achievements lies sleepless hours of hardwork as in fashion designing we must be very accurate and thorough. Should have a good financial status or sponsor, it can be parents or even industrial companies around the island. You should have sharp taste, internet is your best friend to seek your knowledge about the fashion showcases since here it quite tough to explore famous workshops of designer.
    All of the qualities that you have, the best is that you cultivate yourself to work independently without any supervisor help as it will be at your advantage on the working market.
    Last but not the least, be ready to travel to explore new market, new designs or new fabrics-and this can be inculded during your life as students-so be ready to face it, this is called a true designer.

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