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Maurice Ile Durable is a concept which has been brought to the limelight very recently. However, since the Rio summit in 1992, efforts across the globe to limit carbon emissions have been deployed. Mauritius has been quite active in this context though such efforts have not been publicized. The MID initiative is giving a renewed impetus to these efforts. You will recall for instance that AHRIM developed a concept revolving around the protection of environment. However, we can no longer wallow in complacency. The Government is now engaging in what is generally termed as societal marketing which was long overdue and the concept of Green Mauritius in the last budget has to be underlined. However, we are yet to see the strategic plan which will show clearly where we want to go and the tactical tools which have to be triggered to achieve them. The project has a long haul objective and cuts across so many sectors that in the end all sectors have to be involved. Sustainability is nonetheless not restricted to simply environmental protection but improving the welfare of the Mauritians as well which entails economic growth and protection of socio cultural fibre. Tourism being one of the drivers of the economy it could be expected that a representative of this sector or the Ministry of Tourism be involved in the initiatives.

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