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Divorce in Mauritius – Divorce a l’ile Maurice

The new generation is quite skeptical about marriage and rightly so…

According to the Central Statistics Office Digest of Demographic Statistics 2008 in Mauritius, the number of divorces amounted to 173 in 1973 while the number of marriages for the same year was 5679. According to the same report, in 2008, the number of divorces was 1569 while the number of marriages was 11197. It is to be noted that the number of marriages was at its lowest of the period 2004-2008.  Out of the 1569 divorces in 2008, 473 for childless families, 441 with one child, 495 with 2 children, 111 with 3 children, 28 with 4 children and so on totalling 1993 children were affected by divorce. Interestingly, the highest number of marriages was registered for couples having been together between 10-14 years, with 330 divorces, 15-19 years registering 223 divorces…

Getting married these days is like the Loto, so many factors can lead to a divorce, is getting worth taking the chance? And what about the children in all this…?

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  1. Shalinee
    March 9, 2010 at 5:11 pm

    Well..despite these figures..i think that one should take the chance of getting married..Getting a divorce is a like a fashion nowadays..

    Sometimes Mauritians have the tendency of doing the same thing like people abroad…In European countries number of divorce is much higher than that..

    Life is not the same as before…Daily routine work has become so hectic that people mix personal life and work life..There should be a balance between the two..

    Above all this..there is something called destiny and one cannot escape that..May be how much someone try to maintain a relationship..its in God’s hands..

  2. ashika
    March 9, 2010 at 5:39 pm

    “When two people decide to get a divorce, it isn’t a sign that they “don’t understand” one another, but a sign that they have, at last, begun to.”

  3. nesha
    March 9, 2010 at 5:55 pm

    je pense ke le marriage faudra bien reflechir avant de sengaG- paske sortir avk une prsone et vivre avk la mem prsonne sous le mem toit se n’est pa pareil-

    lamour n’est pa tjr suffisant dans un couple- y a dotre choses osi com les principle et mode de vis ki faut osi considerer- du genre ke d fois faut faire d compromi et tou..
    comprendre lotre prsonne-

  4. karishma
    March 9, 2010 at 5:56 pm

    i think that people should be allowed to live togetehr before they get married. they can then decide whether they can live together. of course our mauritian society won’t allow that.

    just meeting someone a few times a week is not enough. its hard living with another person cos it two different personnalities..

    as for divorce rate in mauritius it would probably have been higher if divorced women were not pointed fingers at…
    A lot of women are still scared and pressurised by family and wat other people would think.. the figures you have is only reflecting the ones that have dared to come out and say they won’t take it anymore.

    Women are educated and independent in mauritius so they should be free to decide..

    divorce is no fashion but women don’t want to be controlled and manipulated by men..

    living together before getting married does not mean that people will stay together or won’t get divorced but might reduce the number of divorces as people will know whether they want to be with that person or not…

    need to get back to work.. rishi you wanted my opinion so …

  5. Iseult
    March 9, 2010 at 6:16 pm

    Marié à l’age 16 ans, azordi mo éna 21ans et mo perna zenfant! Ena pou dire ki mo ti trop jeune ou d’autre ki monn trop PréC. Peu importe c ki zot cpv dire zordi mo n fam divorcé. Kan ou enkor ek ou mari, ou enn fam battu ek enn fam maltraiter. ou pas travaille ek ou enn fam au foyer, souvent des fois ou tann dire ki ou mari ti ar enn lot fam lor chemin. ou mari p trompe ou devant tout dimoune. Perna figir pou marse lor simé, ou bizin marse la tete baissé. Sel solution c le divorce. Finalement ou ine reussi gagne ou divorce mais la oci ou pas cpv vive en paix. Regard ou l’entourage sanzer envers ou. Ou gagne tout kaliT titre zis parceki ou ine decide pou prend ou lavenir en main ek arret subir en silence. Dans tout les deux cas nous res bann victimes car nou fam ek zot zom. La vie enn fam divorcé bien difficile.

    • Anne sabrina
      August 10, 2011 at 2:46 pm

      tous ce ke je peu te dire c ke Dieu a une solution pour ta vie.Il ta creer et Il peut fer ke tu sois une femme heureuse et epanoui.sa c ma conviction.si tu veu on peu en parler.contacte moi sur samouraiyanna@live,fr

      • Raj
        February 2, 2012 at 4:25 pm

        there are many things we dont have control upon.. dunno if it was your decision to get married at 16 or someone else but if you could not convince yourself you were not ready then you could not.. good you sharing your experience so people learn the lesson..sometimes people do ‘refuse comprend’ despite all the advice from parents, friends and others.. the final decision is theirs and they assume all responsibilities afterwards..met charette devan bef situation..marry in a rush n then repent at leisure..our great grand parents and gurus came up with some ‘code of conduct’ of which one is to use the 1st 25 yrs of your life for education/career/etc so you can prepare yourself to face life properly..once you ready then you can step in the next stage of you life which is couple/married life..if you have already enjoyed living as an individual in the first quarter of your life then the risk of wanting to go back will be less.. so more tolerant n willing to adjust finding solution to problems, daily chores, etc.. which means less likely to live like individuals under the same roof! sometimes you can be unlucky and with whatever preparation you have done it can still go wrong and the best thing to do is to part ways..

        it has been well said..love and marriage are serious events, it takes time, maturity and experience of life in order to be able to go throught thm successfully..

  6. sneha
    March 10, 2010 at 6:23 pm

    moi mo pu marier moi ,as mo pas envie die without knowing married life meme li bon ou pas pu try it bien sure,as it god gifted sa tha ,si pas faire li god pas pu content moi li pu faire dominaire r me dans heaven capav li pu faire moi vine so servant tou mo paler sa moi carmeme

    • nash
      March 25, 2011 at 6:21 am

      Mo dans presque mem situation avec toi! mo p pense pou divorcer mais couma to p dir la vie ene femme divorcer pa facile! Mo nepli coner qui pu fair!

      • shay
        April 20, 2012 at 6:58 am

        never if u have a child my dear…just think wat will be the future of the child..!!!

  7. fariah
    March 11, 2010 at 3:28 pm

    Couples divorce for a multitude of reasons. At the core of these reasons is the fact that something has emotionally or behaviorally shifted between them to the point that the relationship has irretrievably broken down

    It is very difficult, and the financial and emotional costs can be devastating.

    I think one of the best predictors of a better
    divorce outcome is the couple’s knowledge and understanding of their options.

    Regardless of the type of adult arguments and interactions that children experience, when parents decide to divorce, children need to know.

    Making Divorce Easier = Ways to Help Children Adjust in our Mauritian society,
    alk with children about their thoughts and feelings; be sensitive to children’s fears.

    Luckily God Bless Comparing Europe to Mauritius, we are a bit on the safer side if we can call it like this…

  8. sweety
    March 15, 2010 at 1:18 pm

    Marriage has become a must in our Mauritian culture specially in asian families. as soon as you turn 22, dimunn kumens demander, tifi penkor fiancer? kan pou marier?
    as u turn 24 or 25, hein pa pou marier meme…. ziska kan pou reste dan mama papa so lakaz…..?
    surment tifi amen mo v lavi samem pa p gagne garson………. this is so common in our country whether we like it or not.

    We have got many cases of divorce because of orthodox family. our family r more concerned with what people will say rather than look into the happiness of their offsprings.

    Many girls just obey to their parents before marriage, obey to husband after marriage and then obey to children till death…..

    few women will have the power to say NO to all these things.

    What I can say, i’m divorced too but my life didn’t stop. i did my life again with someone. Hopefully i got a nice person. I didn’t even care what people will say because i live my life as per my will and i do what i believe is best for me. Now that i’m living happily, i have got all the people i have lost bekoz of the divorce back. those who love u will definetely come back and those who like gossiping will continue to gossip.

    • Isha
      October 25, 2010 at 4:15 pm

      hellp sweety…nice comment..im about to present a speech about marriage and ur testimony is being usefull to me..good luck in ur new life.

  9. April 17, 2010 at 9:44 am

    moi g 24 ans 2 enfant mais depuis ki mo sorti ek mo mari 8 ans de cela mo ti ena 15 ans li bat moi zordi mo ene fam malheureuse bcp probleme nune gagner mais mo decision c le divorce peut importe ce que les autres pensera c ma vie quand soffert c moi et mo 2 enfant mais line tjr menace moi ki li pou tuer moi si jamais mo quitte li mo nepli koner koifaire il a toute les defaut je ne suis pas parfaite non plus si jamais vous lisez cette requeste et que vous avez des idee n’hesitez pas a me conseiller

    • Isha
      October 25, 2010 at 4:18 pm

      bien sit wenda…bon decision..peut etre to ti tro jeune kan to ti kone li ek sorti r li. vive pu to 2 enfan maintenant..aide zote pu zote pa fer bane zafaire pareil

    • koom
      March 27, 2012 at 8:20 am

      mo conceil toi gagne to divorce pli vite , parce qui si to mari ti conten toi lipa ti pou bat toi sa quantité la , to capave re faire to la vie et prie god to pa re gagne ene lot gopia couma to mari , parce qui ene bon zomme pa bat ene femme ,,,,,,,

      • wenda
        September 29, 2012 at 3:51 pm

        merci pour les conseil apres deux ans je retourne sur le sit, mais je suis tjr dans la situation, mais la c decide c’est le divorce mais je veux l’avoir au plus vite.

  10. Monique Williams
    April 18, 2010 at 2:19 am

    What a joke.

    Come here to the American ghetto if you want to see how wonderfully your ideal of “living together” and “easy divorce” is working out.

    nearly 70% illegitimacy rate in the Black community and no fathers around, hell in many cases the mom doesn’t even know who the dad is because she slept with so many men.

    As a child of divorce making divorce easier does not help kids adjust better, i can tell you that much. My dad was Mauritian Creole who immigrated here and my mom is Black American, when she divorced him (she found some new lover & was cheating on him) it was a disaster to me. The court gave her custody because I was too young to have a say and here the courts are so biased in favor of women they get custody almost by default. She then moved away to another city to be with her lover who didn’t want me around and I could only see my dad during summers. He basically had to watch his only daughter grow up through things like facebook. I was lucky that I had such a strong father who did whatever he could to keep in contact with me despite my mom’s best efforts to cut him off. Otherwise I would have grown up to be one of these confused young women who sleep around, get pregnant and live on welfare because they have no father figure to guide them.

  11. April 18, 2010 at 5:48 am

    Wenda, pour ce qui est de ton probs, je te conseillerai d’aller voir la Police dans un premier temps et dans le meme temps la Family Protection Unit. J’espere que cela t’aidera!

  12. belinda
    April 18, 2010 at 8:52 am

    top net site la…vaut la peine fer ene ti detour….

    Sinon mo penser ki ena plusieurs lezot facteurs ki contribuer au divorce

    (1) degradation ethik, moral et cellule familial
    (2) Persecution et odd working hours ki rane dimun malade, amere et ki eventuellement affecter comportement ene dimun
    (3) Fem travail zordi..li nepli dependant so mari et li meme fer MARI are so bolom aster
    (4) Internet, facebook, sms etc… mo conne boucou dimun ki neglige famille et reste chat ene journee et autre reseau social parski zot ena ene vice
    (5) Et dernier lieu, mo penser ki divorce plus accepter aster ki autrefois….Dimoune moins peur pou divorcer…

    Apres..en conclusion, moi mo dire… depuis tout temps, dimun lariaz exister… si ene dimun ena pourriture dans so latete, si ene dimun pas cav assume charge ene famille, si ene dimun pas compren signification mariaz… Abe pas marier…Pas gate l’avenir ou conjoint…Sakenn bisin assume so responsabilites…

  13. neha
    July 18, 2010 at 7:46 am

    am aware of this since i am goin thru this since a long time. belinda i agree.
    my husband and i both r professionals. but i hv time for the family, for my 2yr old and for the household works. and also ams studying. but he is always busy, brings work stress at home, n spends his time surfing, facebooking. so many time si hv tried but he doesnt feel the need tospend time with me unless we r goin out. n i cant question him abt anyfin cos it mkes him so angry tht he even beat me twice. i wanna go frm here, with my kid. but my parents wudnt allow me cos they r the conservative typical family who believe i shud compromise n compromise even if my hubby doesnt. cos acc to them it’s all destiny and i hv to accept it!! am so fed up. always worked upon my marriage but nw i wonder if twas realy worth it. stimes i wonder if i shud hv an affair, but i cant do it. my conscience doesnt allow me. if i didnt have a kid prob i wud hv gone to stay in an apartment..but this i cant now. am losing my ‘plaisir de vivre’ …all my hopes and happiness seemed to hv been related to the guy whom i married, who finally succeeded in mkg me lose myself now

  14. D.p
    September 25, 2010 at 6:28 pm

    G 21ans Je me suis marier il y a 2ans g une ptite fille 11mois mon mari il est un bon père il sait changer les couches,faire le ménage,faire la cuisine mais le seul problemes c kil aime boire et quand il est sou il devien nerveu et commence a tou casser dans 2ans il a changer 4 portable,le dvd ,casser les vitres.il ma me maltraite me dit d jurons.il devien kelkun de différent ,aggressif et violent il m’as meme tromper parce kil étai sous l’influence d’alcool il a meme éssayer d’étrangler son père une foi.g très peur 2 lui g envi 2 divorcer mai je ne c pa si c la bne décision parce ke c vraiment kelkun 2 bien et a chaque il me dit kil va areter 2 boir mai il continu et moi j’en peu plu.je suis triste parce ke je ne trouve pa dautre solution apart le divorce g peur 2 gacher ma vie en restant avec lui il boit 3/7 et me fait pleurer trop souvent .

    • Isha
      October 25, 2010 at 4:32 pm

      salut D.P,il me semble q ton mari et quelqun 2 bien mais le seul problem dan ton couple est …c quelque chose q tu peut empecher.pourquoi gacher la vie akoz 2 sa?aller ver la yoga ou quelque chose qui peut l’empecher a boir et la nervosiT. je connais quelqun qui s tourner ver le ‘yogi tambi chackravanen’.mais il ne boit plus…

  15. sarika
    February 23, 2011 at 12:41 am

    salut tous les monde moi mo penser zordi beaucoup mauricien p gagne problem dans zot la vie parski pena accorite moi mo penser avan marier bizin vivre avec la person pou apprend so ban maniere. le gouvernement maurice bizin met ban la loi comme mariage PACS a ile maurice si capave vivre avec la person vivre sinon casse ene pacs li pas diffisile merci

  16. Haidar Mohammad
    April 29, 2011 at 6:18 am

    This site is very helpful and according to me we must think twice before getting divorce.

  17. Natasha
    October 22, 2011 at 1:12 pm

    hi am living in uk with my baby, am separated with my husband and recently my husband has gone to mauritius and he wants to do divorce in mauritius. I want to know the law of mauritius and if really he wants to do the divorce in mauritius, so where me and my baby stands, And what about the property he has in mauritius, am i entited to get it or my baby is entitled to get something from her dad. please help me.

  18. Natasha
    October 22, 2011 at 1:15 pm

    salut je suis natasha, mo mari li influencer par so fami, nu vivre dan uk, mais li cachet tout so transaction to ban business avek moi. li pan done moi narien e maintenant nu sommes separer e je pense li pu fair divorce dan maurice, mai mo pa coner kot moi e mo bb nu stand, plz help me.


    mes cher compatriots dan maurice dire moi cuma fair demarche divorce dan maurice e mo mari so dubien eski so ban fami pu jouir ca,

  19. marie
    December 18, 2011 at 4:36 pm

    Im married 3 years to a mauritian born. He has always idols his family and until he even treats his on family bad and they throw him out now I had to work and support us and be the man, its very difficult. Always insults me and blames me for his family rejection and then because I have a little job and some help from welfare am a reject. I have no friends or people to talk to and now he keeps telling me to commit suicide as being poor is bad. He has no intention of working again or moving country or making fresh start just talking the same stories and am alone with nowhere to go. I tried to get help from police when he got violent but they said it were not serious enough…. Where do I move to? How can I secretly leave? he watchees my very move and checks my phone and makes me out to be mad. I don’t know how to deal with this.. its difficult when you have to eat as not much money and the only thing I have is looking out the window at the beautiful women with nice clothes and haircut and friends to talk to. Am alone hungry cold and nobody not even police think that because am not in hospital
    Halfdead its not serious enough. Now I listen to this abuse everyday from him that not even the police can do anything to him.

  20. shay
    January 3, 2012 at 6:49 pm

    well 4 u all brothers n sisters,n all seeing this..we must give time,think not twice but a thousand time before marriage..n 4 u people wanted to divorce,think well,n if u have a child,think of his future please,beg u all guys..c sera po facile pour l’enfant..Avan mettre lenfant sur la terre faut penser si vous pourraient les nourrire,l’elever com il faut,c tres dure c jour..!!!i wish my messsage can help..

  21. February 19, 2012 at 5:18 pm

    Moi mo ena l’experience et beaucoup pou dire lors divorce et la famille. Divorce c’est comme ene accident de la route. C’est pas a cauze accident dimoune bizin arrete roule vehicle. Bizin juste plus prudent et na pa donne licence tous abroutis qui envie roule vehicle. Donc marriage c’est pas pou tous abrouti irresponsable ki pas pou capave tenir zotte promesse en cour de route.

    Moi, mo fine grew up dans ene la famille creole mauricien cote valeur familliale li number one et la fierte est important dans la famille a l’ile maurice. Mo fine marie avec ene jeune fille intelligent et passionante dans maurice qui fine enleve dans ene famille cot divorce/separation/vive en conkibinage prime. Apres 14 ans de marriage et vie commune et ena 4 enfants implike, femme la ene beau jour decide pou sorti dans la relation et rode divorce apres qui la famille fine immigre en europe et bien installe. Mo fine accepte sans probleme si le divorce ki li pe rode. Tous excuse pou ene divorce donne raison. Boucoup probleme pour gere la situation apres en divorce mais c zenfants qui souffre plis. Finance et facilite qui femme divorce gagne en europe est incroyable et rendre so la vie femme ene merveille quand divorce. Mais zhomme sorti toujours le grand perdant financier et affection zenfants.

    Mo conseign aux nouveau couple, na pa divorce quand ena zenfant, Manze avec zot probleme conjugale ensemble, pas ecoute dimoune exterieur et Avocat de famille qui pou mettre difeu parce qui c’est so travaille ca sinon li chomeur. Aussi sa deux dimoune ki fine accepte “pour le meilleur et pour le pire”. C’est pas quand “meilleur” li reste et quand “pire” li rasse piquant. Za c’est banne dimoune manipulatriste et opportuniste ki juste marie pou ene raison de convivialite. Si ena pou divorce, laisse tous zenfants vine majeur avant apres sa rode divorce.

    Mo pense que divorce doit pas etre tabou et bizin explique en detaille aux nouveau couple. C’est ene l’education massivement important avant, pendant et apres le marriage. La vie femme fine change dans les dernier 30 ans mais la loi na pa fine marche avec l’evolution.

  22. Srishtee
    March 4, 2012 at 5:29 pm

    Its quite an informative blog. Thanks to the one who is directing this page. Actually Divorce has become a fashion. People don’t hesitate in taking such a step just because they care for their own pleasures. But one thing should be kept in mind is that do think several times before taking such a step in life. And through the reading of all these comments am able to complete an asignment of mine. Thanks everyone. Last but not the least,
    ” Marriage is God gifted, but Divorce is man created”

  23. 2R
    May 15, 2012 at 11:55 am

    Bonjour, J’ai 25 ans et 2 enfants, mon mari et moi sommes ensemble depuis 10 ans et nous venons d’avoir 5 ans de marriage . Aujourd’hui je pense au divorce …mais ma decision finale n’est pas encore prise. Je sais que les consequences sont lourdes , surtout pour mes enfants, mais j’ai deja l’impression de vivre seule, je travaille tout comme lui mais je me retrouve a elever seule mes enfants et a m’occuper de toutes les taches menageres. Meme si je prends sur moi toutes les taches menageres, j’aurais souhaité au moins qu’il s’ocuupe de nos enfants, il refuse d’aller coucher ma fille et encore moins de lui lire une histoire, si mon fils s’endors dans sa poucette il refuse de le mettre dans son berceau , il m’a jamais donner de bain a notre fils et parfois quand ma fille lui parle il ne lui reponds meme pas ..il ne l’entends pas et quand elle lui tire sur le bras pour le faire reagir il lui cri dessus… j’ai lutter pendant longtemps pour que notre couple trouve son rythme et qu’on puisse vivre enfin une vie de famille mais il ne fait aucun effort c toujours moi qui en fit plus encore plus … je m’en peut plus ca commence a me rendre malade et maintenant j’ai peur de m’effondrer et qu’il n;’y ai plus personne pour mes enfants… je ne dis pas kil ne les aime pas ..mais il ne participe vraiment pas a la vie de famille…. il travaille rentre stresser, prend sabiere et reste coller a son PC jsqu’a des heures pas possible, je suis tellement fatiguer par tout ce que j’ai a faire seule que je suis obliger de me coucher tot sinon j’ai des vertiges le lendemain, et a chaque fois que l’on a des discutions il dit que je ne le respect pas , qu’il veut divorcer parce qu’on ne s’entend plus …. je sais qu’il n’y a pas d
    autres femmes, j’aurais tellement aimer que se soit ca .. s’aurait etait plus facile pour moi de prendre une decision… il ne veut plus de marriage religieux moi si, je veux concretiser un projet commun avoir notre maison ( il ne veut pas prendre de pret pour ca alors qu’il en a pris a 2 reprises pour sa famille) a 32 ans il vit , on vit toujours chez ses parents …. et il n’a pas l’intention ;d y changer quoique se soit … aucune prise de responsabilites , aucun efforts, RIEN alors je vis deja seule et que nous n’avonsplus de projet commun… jusqu’a ya pas tres longtemps pour moi tout ce qui compter ct les sentiments et mes enfants. Tout ce qui etait materiel m’importait peu puisque j’avais en tete de le realiser un jour … mais je realise que ce jour ne viendra jamais une vide promesse, un mensonge … et qu’au final je ne suis que ca bonne… quand on est que nous deux ca va .. tout va bien mais quand on retourne a notre vie de famille rien ne va plus … pourquoi m’ avoir demander un deuxieme enfants dans ce cas ? Tellement de question se bouscule dans ma tete et je ne sais plus quoi faire / s’il m’aimer vraiment ne devrait il pas me cherir, montrer que je compte … mais je n’ai aucune reconnaissance … j’ai ete tres malade , j’ai eu un paralysie faciale et j’ai du m’occuper de tout comme d’habitude malgre ca … toujours rien de ca part.. des mots gentil et apres … je souffre et je pense etre assez forte pour elever mes enfants seule, et que cela ira mieux pour eux comme ca … et pour moi aussi, ma famille me soutiens et la sienne aussi … parce que tous voit l’effort et la volonte que j’ai mis dans ce couple..j’ai des defauts mais je pense avoir tout fait pour essayer de sauver notre couple mais s’il n’y a aucune reaction de ca part que puis-je faire de plus? quel est la meilleure facon de proceder pour un divorce? dois je d’abord penser a un temps de separation pour voir ses reatcions? ou dois je en finir une bonne fois pour toute? dois je quitter avec mes enfants le toit conjugal … je me suis mariée en separation des biens ( et oui c pas pour l’argent que je l’ai suivi) mais je pense que la moindre des choses c’est qu’il participe a la charge des enfants ..coment ca se passe ? qui decide de tout ca / je voudrai que ca se passe le plus vite possible…je suis peut etre trop genereuse et trop patiente, j’ai ete conciliante sur tellement de chose et aujourd’hui je n’ai rien… que des promesses vide …. AIDEZ MOI … dites moi quel ai la meilleure facon de faire?

  24. hemant deeljore
    July 26, 2012 at 4:11 pm

    negative attitude leads to divorce! one should be strong,mature, well prepared to face daily married lyf. what is love? sharing, understanding,compromising,caring,giving, n so on! these days courses is needed before mariage!

  25. August 30, 2012 at 7:38 pm

    sweety :
    Marriage has become a must in our Mauritian culture specially in asian families. as soon as you turn 22, dimunn kumens demander, tifi penkor fiancer? kan pou marier?
    as u turn 24 or 25, hein pa pou marier meme…. ziska kan pou reste dan mama papa so lakaz…..?
    surment tifi amen mo v lavi samem pa p gagne garson………. this is so common in our country whether we like it or not.
    We have got many cases of divorce because of orthodox family. our family r more concerned with what people will say rather than look into the happiness of their offsprings.
    Many girls just obey to their parents before marriage, obey to husband after marriage and then obey to children till death…..
    few women will have the power to say NO to all these things.
    What I can say, i’m divorced too but my life didn’t stop. i did my life again with someone. Hopefully i got a nice person. I didn’t even care what people will say because i live my life as per my will and i do what i believe is best for me. Now that i’m living happily, i have got all the people i have lost bekoz of the divorce back. those who love u will definetely come back and those who like gossiping will continue to gossip.

  26. preety
    November 15, 2012 at 2:41 am

    ” Marriage is God gifted, but Divorce is man created”
    true so when marriage becomes hell. do i say they that god is punishing me for my sins then

  27. melissa
    February 11, 2013 at 10:49 am

    I’d like to have some info on the children rights in case of seperation. Can someone plse help me.

  28. Zara
    August 8, 2013 at 8:04 pm

    I was 18 when I met him… we became friends becuz he wanted to date my friend… n then 6 months after he said he wanted to date me.. I refused him.. he insisted again an again… I always refused him… We were in same class uni…. after uni we met again n he took my mobile fne… we became close n we got married when I was 24… When I was 28 he fell madly in love with a colleagues n requested me to leave him as I was a barrier to his love… I asked for divorce cuz he was unable to ask for it…I never knew that prior marriage his family didn’t like me cuz I dnt cme from a rich family n I was not fair complexion.. I came to knw all these just after marriage… Married to him I had to hear that I was nt beautiful I need a re looking n he was even so ashame if ever his colleagues see me as I was nt enough beautiful for him..

    In 2010 when I knew he had a GF… It was very hurtful… But Now am much better, living a better life, I well educated n have a very good job too.. But still at times its hard to knw the hardship of divorce… you feel lonely n afraid for commitments again…

    Someone who dnt respect u n ur family.. dnt deserve ut time n I think better b alone than in bad company!

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