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Tips for exams at SC level

The main issue with the Cambridge School Certifiate is two pronged. On the one hand there are many subjects to study and the other is that passing English is vital to get the certificate. It is imperative during the year Form 4 and Form 5 to do the ollowing: 1) Read lots of english books, many of the essays which are examined will be of  narrative style, and you will need proper vocabulary to be able to give a good ‘recit’ and to be ble to summarize as well.

2) Choose subjects you like when you like it, you will ultimately do it well. Revise regularly, form 4 and form 5 being closelylinked you will have to grasp perfectly all the form 4 material and keep revising it to avoid a last minute rush.

3) rework out all exam papers while keeping an eye on marking schemes and examiner’s reports.

4) In general, you are young when enrolling for such an exam, it is proper to have a healthy and balanced life with sport and a reasonably active social life.

5) Learn to work in groups and create discussion groups to clear doubts regarding matters.

6) There are no silly questions, there are only silly students who are not asking their questions. Ask your question to your teacher whenever in doubt while sticking to the subject matter. It is the teacher’s job to answer them.

7) Revise regularly and especially 1 month prior to the exams your revisions should be completed. In the same vein, it’s of no use going for too many subjects when you are not yet able to secure at least a a good credit in your subjects.

8) If I think of other advice, I will add them later. Well I could add that repetition is important in the case of major concepts, and you should have a clear objective of what you want to achieve. SSchool Certificate is about consistency and hard work…soo go for it

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