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Independence day and Republic Day Mauritius 12 March

In 2 days’ time, Mauritius will be celebrating the 42nd anniversary of its independence as well as the 18th anniversary of the Republic.

Gaining independence was a tough fight, but the Mauritian miracle refers to the development which ensued. The father of our nation, Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam was a visionary, a person who had the capacity of identifying the needs of our country to better fulfil them. What can be considered as major decisions include inter alia Free education and the construction of a motorway which was at that time considered as an ‘elephant blanc’.  SSR sowed the seeds all practically all the developments which have followed in our country.

Sir Aneerood Jugnauth has also contributed a lot to our country’s welfare and under his ‘clairvoyance’ and direction the country was able to thrive, building on the strong and solid base handed to him.

The Prime Minister of Mauritius Hon Navinchandra Ramgoolam nowadays is turning out to be the new icon of modern Mauritius. With time, he has come to be a very mature politician capable to communicate effectively and take actions as and when necessary.

The input of Sir Paul Raymond Berenger should not be underestimated having served the country both as leader of opposition, as Minister and Prime Minister.

Promising future leaders of Mauritius include Hon Xavier Luc Duval and Hon Pravind Jugnauth who are still comparatively young.

On the occasion of the National Day Celebrations, bouzermaurice wishes to thank all those have contributed to the development of our country in one way or another. Vive l’ile Maurice!!

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