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Idea hub for Mauritius- How to improve tourism in Mauritius? Comment ameliorer le tourisme a Maurice?

The tourism sector is one of the pillars of the economy. How can we improve it?

Le secteur touristique est un des pilliers de l’economie, comment peut on l’ameliorer?

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  1. Shalinee
    March 12, 2010 at 6:23 pm

    Well..when we talk about tourism we shud refer to sustainable tourism and tourism impacts.We shud improve tourism impacts so that tourism sector can flourish in Mauritius.
    The aim of sustainable tourism is to ensure that development is a positive experience for local people; tourism companies; and tourists themselves. Sustainable tourism is a way to improve the impacts of tourism.
    Mauritius has reached international recognition as quality destination overseas. This is why the financial crisis on this sector is not that significant. New air links should be developed and more hotels should be constructed in order to increase the level of accommodation in peak season.
    Branding is one of the decisions involved in developing a tourism marketing strategy. The government and MTPA have made tremendous efforts concerning promotion of Mauritius. Thus these organizations must indulge more in conferences abroad in order to make Mauritius known to the countries. Recently, MTPA has launched the concept of branding Mauritius and the logo is “Mauritius, c’est un plaisir”. This is a concept to position Mauritius in the world market and finally we can say that Mauritius has obtained its own representing logo. In view of the branding notion companies should work together to achieve success. The opening of the Hotel InterContinental Mauritius Resort is a way to attract tourists with the facilities the hotel is offering. In this context jobs have been created.
    Generally, if investors are coming to Mauritius to construct new hotels, Foreign Direct Investment will flow in the country and the economy will prosper. With the decline in the sugar and textile industries, Mauritius should concentrate on the tourism sector and should grab opportunities to attract tourists. Mauritius has an important feature which is the hospitality characteristics. If companies try to work on this characteristic then Mauritius can be ahead and this can be achieved through training of staff. Companies should invest in training of their staff and this will help in achieving victory.
    Mass tourism is sometimes more beneficial and sustainable in the sense that the revenues generated go to the local people. Cultural tourism could be a major source of revenue for tourism growth and if we work on the cultural base, we can work on the Diaspora, for example discovering the different festivals. Festivals can be celebrated in hotels so that tourists may discover the culture.
    Moreover, the online marketing is not that efficient in Mauritius. Even if the Association Des Hoteliers et Restaurateurs –L’Ile Maurice (AHRIM) is making an effort in this direction, it should furthermore develop strategies to consolidate the market position. The Small and Medium Hotels should be involved in interior designing in order to make the tourist’s experience more valuable. Medical Tourism is one of the aspects which Mauritius is considering. With the opening of the Apollo Bramwell Hospital, this will increase the number of medical operations conducted by specialists in Mauritius. Mauritius can try to attract investors to open such medical opportunities.
    Tourism in education sector can be one of the possible ways. If private universities with quality education are opened, definitely there will be students in Mauritius and these students can carry the course online whereas the exams have to be taken in Mauritius itself. Besides, the security of the country has to be strengthened because the laws in Mauritius are not that strict. Thus less robbery will be reported to the Police. Many tourists have reported cases of robbery lately. More cameras should be installed across the whole island. Furthermore, if the infrastructure of the country is promising, it will project a good image of the country. With these possible means, Mauritius can prosper in the tourism sector.

  2. shilpa
    March 14, 2011 at 4:37 pm

    first we should be caring for the security of tourists becoz its for that reason they come to mauritius thinking that it is a safer destination already the big scandal that occured in ireland due to the death of michaela achealth is likely to ruin the reputation of mauritius n thats of mauritians

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