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Badminton in Mauritius – Badminton a Maurice- The ongoing revival

I have personally not kept abreast of  the evolution of Mauritian Badminton for the last 8 years or so. I participated in the recent  International Badminton Competition of Mauritius and noted quite a few changes in the Mauritian badminton landscape though I was surprised to see S. Beeharry and V. Sawaram still ranking among the top players of the Mauritian badminton.  S. Eddoo and Y.Louison are now the no 1 and no.2 of our country but there are players like H.Aboobakar,  D.Constantin of my generation who are no more to be seen.  La releve est lente a se dessiner pourrait-on dire…The arrival of the new Indonesian Coach will certainly give a new impetus to our team.

While participating in the competition, I, however, noted something quite odd which was at the same time very very  saaaaaad… among the players of the national team there seems to be a divide. Indeed, they do not mutually support one another and the fact that one or two players of the national team have to play doubles with foreign players bears testimony to this sad state of matters.

As for the girls, well A. Sawaram, K&K Foo Kune, Y.Louison, S.Aboobakar are quite competitive with the Karen Foo Kune being the best at the moment.

The competition has revealed quite a few weaknesses within our team which have to be remedied at the earliest. As none of our singles made it to the final, it is abundantly clear that the level of our players has to be upgraded. Our doubles have indeed reached the finals for the simple reason that the international teams except for the Egyptian team were basically improvised teams hence not generating the best coordination.

Our best players should be given high level training even scholarships if need be to give them the chance of playing at the highest level.  The arrival of the new coach seems to have brought some fresh ideas and a new approach which from info gathered is appreciated by the players of the national team. One of the drivers of the change is R.Gaya who has brought back life to this sport and I think we should thank him for that. Now there are more competitions and the possibility to detect new talents.

As regards the sports materials as rackets, grips and shoes while Yonex has a long standing reputation, these days it’s the Apacs brand which is more and more being used. This is what could be qualified as a value for money brand.

Let’s cross fingers for tomorrow. I’ve not been able to watch the mixed doubles but do hope we managed to have at least one team in the finals tomorrow. Will the there to support all our national representatives and enjoy the great games.

On a concluding note, I would just say all the best to all Mauritian players playing tomorrow and God bless Mauritius!

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  1. Scapa
    March 21, 2010 at 5:26 am

    “As regards the sports materials as rackets, grips and shoes while Yonex has a long standing reputation ” – fake Yonex stuff .

  2. March 21, 2010 at 7:19 am

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  3. friend
    March 21, 2010 at 7:25 pm

    J’y etais a ces finales…triste finale simple hommes car un des finalistes n’etait pas en mesure de continuer. Pour ce qui est du double hommes, les mauriciens Edoo et Louison ont bien maitrise leur sujet bien qu’un des deux partenaires etait le blesse precite. En double dame, la lutte fut apres entre les paires Sawaram/Aboobakar et Cooper/Louison…au final avec un manque de pot total l’equipe 100 % mauricienne s’est inclinee. Plus de jus a la fin et manquant de punch sur les smashes les deux mauriciennes ont laisse passer une chance en or de s’adjuger le titre vraiment tres tres tres dommage. En simple dame, la francaise Chanteur n’a fait qu’une bouchee de la championne d’Afrique Hosny. Et en double mixte, le DTN indonesien de l’ile maurice avec K.Foo Kune se sont fait peur en deux occasions s’imposant en 2 sets secs 22-20 et 22-20…Enfin pour ce qui est de la sante de du badminton mauricien, on pourrait dire que c’est pas mal mais que ca pourrait etre meilleur surtout en simple, ou on n’a pu fer mieux qu’une demi finale.

  4. bouzermaurice
    March 25, 2010 at 3:30 am

    Checking out the ranking of our badminton players, it is noted that Saheer Edoo and Karen Foo Kune rank respectively 196th and 93rd at world level…not bad not bad…given they are still young, improvement in same can be expected…

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