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Science versus Religion – an eternal debate

The downfall of religion is inversely linked to scientific progress. Yet many of the greatest scientist hold deep belief in God…why? Simply because there are many things which cannot be explained…things which go beyond understanding and scientific explanations…Religion’s downfall is also due to the wars which have been waged in its name…many are disgusted by the interpretation being made by leaders to suit their own specific goals. If we look seriously into all the principles of the various religions they all come down to the same principles : love all, serve all and be self less…don’t hurt your kith and kins respect the beliefs of one and all…be a good person. Science on the other hand is more and more just confirming that the religious practices which have been encouraged are scientifically advisable like yoga, veg eating, fish eating n so on…there is no clear-cut answer to it, religion is based on faith and science based on facts, many believe in what they see the rest is in the hands of a supernatural power…

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