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Another example of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Mauritius – Trou aux Biches Hotel

August 5, 2010 1 comment

New Mauritius Hotels will be helping the community of Trou aux Biches in several ways in view of the reopening of Trou aux Biches Hotel.This is an initiative which needs to be congratulated and encouraged. The setting up of Postal or medical services have been financed in this context.

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FIFA World Cup 2010- analysis prior to the semi finals

July 4, 2010 3 comments

No one would have expected the thrashing Argentina would face against the Germans nor would anyone have thought that Uruguay would reach the semis after. But the facts are there and we have to live with it. Spain with a Barcelona style of play lost its first match against Switzerland but nevertheless made it to the semi finals. The task is huge but not impossible. Germans play fast and precisely while the Spaniards construct their play slowly but surely. The inability of Torres to reach his top form for the tournament is a major headache for the team as a whole. However there are many other players who could replace him and this could be the way to go if they are to succeed against this young though very strong German team. As for Holland, they seem to be on target to reach the final, being fresher and with Uruguay having its top scorer out. Forecast for the two semis: Holland 2- Uruguay 0, Germany 2 Spain 2 after normal time and Spain winning on penalties

URUGUAY vs South Korea: 2-1- unlucky koreans

Nice match!Suarez with 2 goals and Uruguay through to quarter finals.Koreans unlucky and not favoured at all by the refree.well well, let’s see what comes next.If Ghana gets through today, chances to reach semi finals are real.

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Could Ivory Coast be the World Cup Champion? La Cote d’Ivoire pourrait-elle gagne cette Coupe du Monde 2010

June 20, 2010 1 comment

The question may seem silly, but Ivory Coast has a team which could go all the way.Unlike the other African teams, Ivory Coast or Cote d’Ivoire has several players playing in the best leagues in the world and have in their match against Portugal stifled their opponents in a very convincing manner. The match against Brazil will be the turning point as the African team will have to win it to ensure qualification. A draw could prove most detrimental to their qualification chances. If Drogba does not make it, it is not the end of the world.Ivory Coast just like Argentina has several lethal forwards like Kalou. So let’s cross fingers for Africa to give us maybe a first African World Champ!

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The World Cup mania in Mauritius – Who’s gonna win it? – Viva Africa

In my opinion, this year the team to beat is Argentina (Messi, Tevez, Higuain in front), but quite a few teams are in a position to do it, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland and even England are all good teams. When we think of the English team with the likes of Rooney, Lampard, Gerrard we tend to believe its now or never they only have to play as a team and could indeed win it. As regards African teams am waiting to see Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana perform. These are I think our best chances for our continent. France have been disappointing for their first match against Uruguay. South Africa also drew. The next matches in this group will be decisive.

The winner will have to demonstrate great team spirit and very good cohesion. Thats why Holland has not been able to make it so far. Brazil has a very strong team. The Russian Fed and Cote d’Ivoire rank among the dark horses but am really waiting Nigeria and South Korea to play. China as well could be interesting as they beat France recently in a friendly. So let’s see what comes out of it.

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Badminton – The recent national open – the rise of a new generation in men’s double

It was long awaited and it has finally come, a new breed of badminton players is growing. The last national open revealed a new pair of men’s double – Pachee/Paul who failed in final but remain good reasons for hope for the future of Mauritian Badminton. The most thrilling match was between Amrita Sawaram and Shama Aboobakar. Our girls though displaying quite good stamina definitely lack power…still a lot to do on that side. As for men’s singles the national champ has not changed and will not change so soon…S.Eddoo is well above the lot…

Gardening – a hobby which is disappearing in Mauritius

May 30, 2010 2 comments

The lifestyle of Mauritians is evolving. Remember, for those who can remember, how life was easy going some twenty years back, your parents were there taking care of their poultry andtheir garden…this time is and will remain in our memories, and the new generations now have everything ready-made, flats are flourishing here and there, and life is more hectic…there is no time to even think of growing something in the garden…instead if you who are like 18-30 years old indeed do so, you will have the old fashioned tag…well, gardening is in fact such a nice but forlorn leisure which would be interesting to revive through garden clubs and the like…gardening brings one close to nature, exerts physically and is self fulfilling…the idea of playing with mud often scares the youth as they often forget that without Mother Earth they would not even be there…