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FIFA World Cup 2010- analysis prior to the semi finals

July 4, 2010 3 comments

No one would have expected the thrashing Argentina would face against the Germans nor would anyone have thought that Uruguay would reach the semis after. But the facts are there and we have to live with it. Spain with a Barcelona style of play lost its first match against Switzerland but nevertheless made it to the semi finals. The task is huge but not impossible. Germans play fast and precisely while the Spaniards construct their play slowly but surely. The inability of Torres to reach his top form for the tournament is a major headache for the team as a whole. However there are many other players who could replace him and this could be the way to go if they are to succeed against this young though very strong German team. As for Holland, they seem to be on target to reach the final, being fresher and with Uruguay having its top scorer out. Forecast for the two semis: Holland 2- Uruguay 0, Germany 2 Spain 2 after normal time and Spain winning on penalties